Since being identified by his kindergarten teacher as someone with artistic ability, Alvin has always been involved in the pursuit of art and design. Give him some markers and paper (or Photoshop and Illustrator!) and he'll entertain himself for hours.

With a BA in Graphic Design from Bradley University, his portfolio and a need to move to an urban environment, Alvin packed up and moved to Chicago in 1998. After spending time working at several boutique branding and package design agencies in the city he started Finishline Creative Group in 2006 with the goal of creating a studio that focused on creativity, innovation and strict attention to detail.

Alvin has more than twenty five years experience in producing award-winning design for a diverse client list that has included Dean’s, Gorton’s Seafood, 3 Vodka, Ford Motor Company, Biewer Lumber, Roush Performance, Meggitt Training Systems, and EAS just to name a few.

When he’s not wearing the many hats that go along with being creative director he can usually be found at a motorcycle race, out in the woods on his bike or spending quality time with his family “coloring outside the lines”.

Teddy Roth – Strategic Partner | Owner of Print Possibilites

After spending several years working in the printing industry for a top tier print company in Chicago, Teddy realized that there was something missing in the industry. There was a need for someone who was not only able to find the best printing for the best price but to also to provide great customer service with a focus on building long term client relationships. This, along with Teddy's outside the box thinking led to the creation of Print Possibilites.

A focus on long term client relationships and thinking outside the box are two core philosophies of Finishline Creative and thus a creative partnership was born. After working on an exciting, high profile, award-winning beverage product with Teddy it was only natural that we pull him into our family of strategic partners. Thanks to Teddy and Print Possibilities we're now not only able to offer award-winning creative services but also a way to get all of your printing needs fulfilled in a way most big agencies can't. 

Around the office Teddy is known as "The Miracle Worker" due to his amazing ability to get things done that seem beyond the realm of possibility (Pun fully intended). Every agency is only as good as the partners they work with and the addition of Teddy and his knowledge of printing have proven invaluable.

Diane FItzgerald – Strategic Partner

Diane Fitzgerald serves as Principal of The Fitzgerald Group, a consulting company she founded in 1994. Focusing on strategic planning, marketing, sales and communications for a diverse group of clients, The Fitzgerald Group supports business leaders in developing and implementing company-wide processes and procedures.

With a history of successfully introducing planning and organizing as key elements of any company, Diane advises domestic and international corporations on realizing their full potential and sustaining growth. Her credentials are multifaceted.

Projects Diane is currently involved with include a luxury green home in the heart of Chicago, business development and marketing & communications for a progressive and cutting-edge construction company, as well as strategic planning for an international franchisor making its debut in the US early next year.

Previously Diane was director of Global Thought Leadership Marketing & Communications at Andersen Consulting. With a team from around the world, she led efforts to shape ideas from creation to dissemination.

No good agency is without a solid strategic thinker and Finishline is no exception. The next-level thinking and overall success she brings to both Finishline and our clients is almost immeasurable.


Bryan Weiss has been bringing his creative vision to solve clients needs for 25 years. His extensive client list includes the likes of Jim Beam, Miller Beer, Harley- Davidson, Motorola, Sears, Baxter, Pfizer, Takeda, Mercedes Benz, Citibank, Burger King, Heinekin, and many others.

His expertise spans multiple channels; print, web, eCommerce, UX, and chiefly, brand building and brand strategy. Bryans philosophy on branding coupled with his passion for building brands, has earned him the respect of both peers and clients alike. This, along with his creative aesthetic and outside the box thinking, makes him a perfect fit for the always changing needs of our clients.